Xcentric Earthmoving Mining Quarry Excavator Buckets Crushers

Representing a whole new dimension in crusher bucket technology the Spanish manufactured Xcentric range provides a number of features that are absolutely unique and include a patented isolating jaw movement which ensures the material is crushed without a compacting effect & delivers at least 35% greater production than conventional crusher buckets.

"These Crusher Buckets have created massive interest since we introduced them in March and launch sales are well ahead of any other crusher bucket brands that we have handled in the past", said Livio Pace of Boss Attachments - Australia. "So much so that our entire first shipment, destined for our Diesel, Dirt and Turf Expo site was sold and delivered before the show even started".

Designed stronger to operate better, faster and longer other unique features that set these crusher buckets apart include:

  • Fully adjustable jaws to give you an output product of +20mm to + 170mm.
  • Simple and fast adjustment system. Allows adjustment of output size in less than 2 minutes using two simple pins.
  • Cross Top Jaws: with the circular motion, allows crushing of wet material.
  • Double Effect Hydraulic System allows operators to simply reverse the crushing movement in the event of a product jam.
  • Process hard materials like granite or porphyry at 100% of the jaw opening.
  • 200 Hour greasing intervals.
  • 80% less consumables parts than conventional crusher buckets. No Toggles, No Springs etc.
  • Anti-skid Transmission – higher production, less jams.
  • High inertia power train, 40% less oil required to operate the crusher bucket, better fuel economy
  • HARDOX® construction ensures long-lasting durability in extreme conditions.

“And the interest from our clients shows no signs of letting up”’, said Livio. “Two more full containers are on their way down under as we speak and the crusher buckets are going out the door as fast as we can get them in".

Without exception feed-back from Aussie clients like David Aarts have been universally positive with some describing the crusher buckets as  “real game changers” and applauding other benefits like “significant reductions in service requirements” and “massive gains in productivity”.

With the Australian launch phase now well under Boss Attachments is now focused on the introduction of the range to this side of the Tasman.    

Boss Attachments NZ Managing Director Paul Herbison, who has just returned from the very successful Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo said,

“Our Spanish suppliers are overwhelmed by the initial market penetration that we have achieved and are totally committed to delivering whatever support we need in product and after sales service”.

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