Fine dust emissions are hazardous, particularly in these dry summer months but Boss Attachments have the perfect solution. The new to Australia, MB Dustcontrol system is sure to become a staple on jobsites around the country with their unique system that is so simple and effective we're scratching our heads as to why it hasn't been here for years.

MB Dustcontrol are already a world-wide leader in the control of dust and odour with their systems that weigh down the emitted dust particles by binding them with droplets of water (fog) so they quickly fall to the ground through gravity. Livio Pace at Boss Attachments says that every dust and odour problem is unique so they work closely with their customers to find the right solution.

Each unit can be mounted on a wall or ceiling with various configurations that can be used indoor or in open spaces where these incredible spray cannons spray a wall of fog from 5 to 100 metres away and up to 35 metres high. These machines are also very suitable for odour control as well by simply adding other fluids to the water.

For challenging worksites where municipal utilities are limited, the full self-supporting systems are offered. These installations consist of a water tank, generator and spray cannon all mounted on a skid or trailer so an external water supply and electrical supply isn't required.

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