The Boss Digging Buckets are built tough to withstand the hardest jobs and the harshest of conditions.

A wide, deep bucket with a double-edged bolt-on cutting blade, built to move large amounts of materials quickly and efficiently.

A hardworking bucket designed to maximise breakout force efficiently and quickly, thanks to its ergonomic engineering.

These HD Series tough buckets are armoured and come complete with Rock chisels and shielding.

Solid and durable design to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions.

The Boss Sieve Bucket is a wide bucket with the same profile as the mud bucket, but ribbed to sort construction materials. 

Like the mud bucket, with the added feature of tilting 45 degrees left to right, making it the operators bucket of choice for intricate detailed work.

A single-shank attachment for ripping operations or prying rocks. Optimum balance and positioning. Check out our HD range, built specifically for the mining sector.

Boss Mechanical Tree Shears have the highest power to weight ratio available today, used in forestry applications throughout Australia, USA, Canada & Italy.

Boss HD Hydraulic Grapples are built tough with extreme closing pressures to ensure minimal load loss, and widest jaw opening in its class.

Boss HD Mechanical Grapples are manufactured with thicknesses, reinforcements and components suitable to increase its sturdiness and durability.

Boss HD Hydraulic Rotating Grapples are built tough to pick and place materials from any position in any position.

Boss HD Hydraulic Bucket Grapples are built tough to dig and pick and place materials.

Solid and durable design to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions.

Xcentic didn’t invent the crusher bucket – they perfected it. Features include isolating jaw system that improves production by 35%.

Xcentric Ripper Mining Series is in a class of it’s own. Delivering up to 5 times more production than conventional rippers.

The RS Series demolition crushers are tough and satisfy primary demolition needs, with a particular care in the raw material choice.

The FPV series pulverizers are for ground works, satisfying all secondary demolition needs including recycling and pulverization.

The Primary and Secondary Demolition multifunction dual-cylinder shear is functional and versatile, able to perform a wide range of demolition tasks.

The RV hydraulic rotating pulverizer RV Series meets primary and secondary demolition needs, with interchangeable blades and teeth.

The SH Series steel shears have been designed for demolishing iron structures and cutting structural steels, pipes, tanks, sheets and iron cases.

OSA GR Grapples are made with resistant, anti-wear steel and make light work of demolition jobs with wood, bricks and other materials.

The OSA LIV Series Hydraulic Tree Shears are designed to perform at their best in extreme forestry applications.

The perfect attachment for forest utility work, plantation thinning, and trimming limbs and trees for maintenance and development.

The Dymax Vortex Brushcutter is the toughest, best engineered brush cutter, delivering knockout blows to heavy duty brush and small trees.

At DymaxRail we’re always helping our customers. We look and listen to the needs and translate them into useful products that deliver more performance and life.

These powerful attachments provide precise cutting control for rock excavation or concrete removal and demolition.

Our Hydraulic Magnet is a compact all-in-one unit for heavy duty steel and iron handling.

Walk ‘n’ Roll enables grading and road compaction in a single operation, providing massive cost savings for unsealed road maintenance.

360˚ Horizontal and Horizontal / Vertical Point line laser.

360˚ Horizontal and Horizontal / Vertical Point line laser.

Automatic 28X magnification level.

3 beam self-levelling alignment laser.

Horizontal Rotating laser.

Horizontal / Vertical Rotating Laser

Dual Grade Horizontal / Vertical Rotating Laser

Horizontal / Vertical Rotating Laser

Stake and Post Extractors that work! This brilliant product eliminates the backbreaking effort required to remove "T" fence posts / Waratahs, pickets and posts.

Shearcore takes demolition equipment to a whole new level delivering the world’s most powerful work tools, that industry professionals demand.