The Boss range of Buckets, Grabs, and Screening Buckets deliver outstanding innovation, performance and versatility.

Xcentic didn’t invent the crusher bucket – they perfected it. Features include isolating jaw system that improves production by 35%. Xcentric Ripper Mining Series is in a class of it’s own delivering up to 5 times more production than conventional rippers.

OSA demolition solutions set the benchmark for technically advanced, high quality demolition systems.

The cutting edge solution for quality proven and world leading forestry attachments.

Dymax Rail Attachments for construction equipment machines are designed to provide high productivity and long lasting performance in railroad maintenance. Dymax Rail designs innovative equipment for railroads, mass transits and contractors working in the railroad industry. 

Antraquip is a recognised international leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic cutting attachments.

Gauss Hydraulic Circular Electromagnetic Lifters deliver a compact, all in one solution, for heavy duty handling of iron and steel.

Walk ‘n’ Roll sets a new standard and delivers massive cost savings for unsealed road maintenance. Walk ‘n’ Roll grades and compacts Roads in a single operation and has proven to be “Worth its weight in gold” for clients all around the world.

The MetSys range of advanced laser equipment includes an outstanding option almost every survey application and provides operators with fast, easy and accurate operation.

Stake and Post Extractors That Work! This brilliant product that eliminates the backbreaking effort required to remove "T" fence posts / Waratahs, pickets and posts.

Shearcore takes demolition equipment to a whole new level delivering the world’s most powerful work tools, that industry professionals demand.